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BeFre is very sensitive to global warming. Only in 2018, we compensated over 814 tons of CO2!
Our products are manufactured in the Middle and Far East. Therefore, in partnership with CO2logic, leader in Belgium, we offer a unique ecological service on the market, that of labeling our bags "CO2-neutral". All CO2 emissions, released from the manufacturing of the materials until the transport of the bags to the customer, are calculated and compensated. In exchange we supply reusable bags certified by Vinçotte and CO2logic to our customers.
The CO2 footprint of each reusable bag sold by BeFre is compensated through the Ugastove project in Uganda. This gives the local community access to efficient homes that save 40% of the wood needed; this means a reduction of 1.4 tonnes of CO2 per household per year. This project also aims to prevent deforestation and polluting emissions inside the homes of local households. Click on the logo for more details. 

CO2-Logic: BeFre casestudy

Vinçotte : Validation of CO2 neutralityValidation of CO2 neutrality

2018 Certificate here